For pre-ordering 

(available before service time at events)


Piccola Cucina is a Chef and SPECIALS DRIVEN food truck. We will always have our CORE menu available at all functions, but we encourage you to follow our social media pages for our limited time specials!



Pasta shape of the week with choice of sauces: 

Joe’s Sunday Red - Inspired by Chef’s father. A bright simmered tomato sauce in the Central New York style.

Call me Al(fredo) - Classic alfredo. Creamy and full of flavor.



The Calabrian Hot Chicken -  Nashville hot chicken? That’s cute. Try a hot chicken sandwich with actual flavor-not just heat that’ll give you agita. As hot as a Calabrian girlfriend, but not quite as hot as her Dad’s temper! Served on a toasted bun with our pickled pepper & tomato giardineria and ‘stunad’ sauce.

Crispy Chicken ‘Sangwich’ -  Juicy, brined chicken breast fried with our ‘batz’ breading. Served on a toasted roll with our house-pickled sweet pepper & tomato giardineria and  ‘Stunad’ sauce.


Deep fried brussels sprouts - with our blackberry balsamic, our stunad sauce, pine nuts and chopped dates.

Italian Mac & Cheese bites- Our three cheese and herb blend mac & cheese breaded and fried to perfection. Served with our signature Italian herb ranch.

Fried Ravioli - Breaded fried cheese ravioli! Served with our Marinara and Stunad sauces.



Tater tots

Kid’s Pasta

Chicken fingers

Mac & Cheese Bites