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Podcast: Cackylacky's Food Truck

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Welcome to the first episode of On Food, with Jody Cannoli!

The very first brave interviewee is Anthony Bushee of Cackylacky’s food truck. I thank him for being willing to go first..and for his patience and humor. You see I hadn’t used my field recorder in quite awhile, and it did something weird..that I didn’t catch.

The bottom line though is we got a great interview recorded where we talked about everything from his menu, to the Jacksonville food truck scene and everything else that came to mind.

We recorded the interview right outside his trailer, so excuse the occasional emergency vehicle and aircraft!

That he can produce a menu of over 20 items from such a small (12’) mobile kitchen is really a testament to his planning and skill. Sure most of the items are burgers-but many are wildly different, requiring a host of ingredients and some varied techniques.

Anthony’s burgers have won a bunch of local awards-which is an accomplishment in this market. I suggest you try them all-but especially The Riverside Burger.

Whether you’re a local or just passing through our area you’d do well to find them. Here’s how:




Typical reviews for Cackylackys are outstanding!

“Normally when a food truck says they have awesome burgers, I'm already on my guard. But last night at a real estate event, I genuinely had a super tasty awesome bacon cheeseburger! My friend was going gaga over their "Mountain Man" burger which I believe had some spicy kick to it as well. If I ever see this truck again, I will be on line for sure!”

“This is the first time I have edited a review, but I could not live with myself if I didn't alert the whole world to the REAL dream come true angus burger now that I have been blessed by the Prize Winning "Outer Banks". This delicious fantasy on a bun knocked my socks off. The poblano mayo, applewood bacon, and superb fresh guacamole melded with the tasty beef sent me on a gastronomic vacay to paradise. If you haven't, please try this ASAP! I give this signature dish my highest recommendation!"

"My hamburger dream came true when I met The Charleston. Southern sophistication indeed! The juicy burger was just the beginning. The layers of flavor just kept my tastebuds celebrating .... HOMEMADE pimento cheese (my weakness!), crisp bacon, Black Forest ham, dijon mustard .... all encased by a very fresh bun. This creation checked every box for me. A touch I really appreciated was the wax paper wrapping surrounding the burger, which kept me from making a mess while devouring it! Oh, and the hand cut fries! The perfect accompaniment. Fresh, hot, hearty, and good! Visit this award-winning truck - you'll be glad you did!”

Here's a few pictures. Notice the diminutive size of the trailer, and remember Anthony puts out a substantial menu from his rig!

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