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Who ya gonna call?

Welcome foodie friends! In episode 2 of On Food, I sat down at Brass Tacks Coffee with Annett Schultz of the Wurstbusters food truck. (Not to be confused with Wurst Behavior-my little business)

We talked about the unique everything from how Wurstbusters ended up in Jacksonville, to the unique and extra-expensive start up hurdles they faced as non citizens.

From https://www.wurstbusters.com/about:

For Better or Wurst

Wurstbusters is owned by best friends and business partners Annett and Natalie who share a love for authentic German food and the passion for  hospitality . The name Wurstbusters was born on a lazy beach day in Jacksonville in 2014. We chose the name Wurstbusters, because : If the hunger strikes in the neighborhood, who you wanna call…?

Whether your a foodie or food truck business curious I think you'll enjoy this episode..and Annett's cute accent. ;)

Click the player above to listen, of the links below.



Wurstbusters social media-Follow them!



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